I’m Andy Bruère, curious and self-taught developer, passionate about our little globe, its charming and tiny things and inhabitants, its music, cinema and imaginary worlds, its puzzling complexity

At a practical level, this curiosity led me to create my own company Sharinplace right after college education in management and data science, in 2015.

Sharinplace project failed. With my friends and cofounders, I started out with the idea of making equipment sharing easier to promote more sensible consumption practices. In charge of our success, I made a well known mistake: build it, they will come. Long story short: we built something, I developed my programming skills, but lost focus.

During this demanding 4-year journey, unexpectedly harsh family events in France consecutively forced me to reconsider my North Star. This was how nutrition and biology became a new personal focus. While building awesome projects and a company based on computer science, life and environment protection still highly matter to me.

Sharinplace has turned into open-source platform named Stelace, with the desire to make this programming endeavor useful. Stelace helps teams building online marketplaces and search-intensive platforms to iterate much faster than we did.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.