Here is some of my past work, focusing on Web platforms and open-source projects, using modern JavaScript (ES6+), Node.js (Express, Restify…) and front-end frameworks such as Vue.js.


Full-stack development with Vue.js and Node.js

Stelace is an open-source API server I co-authored to let developers build online marketplaces much faster. I also designed the website and the admin dashboard of the related SaaS business, documented the API and developed several projects relying on Stelace API server for clients around the globe.

Stelace SaaS business website

Hospitality marketplace

Front-end development with Vue.js

AirBnB-like marketplace front-end I developed with Vue.js, relying on Stelace REST API, including a search UI with an interactive map, a full booking process with Stripe payment, messaging and ratings.

Heroes platform demo

Front-end development with Vue.js

Heroes search and real-time assignments (Vue.js) 

A real-time-oriented marketplace front-end I developed with Vue.js and Quasar framework as explained in this blog post. This front-end showcases powerful ElasticSearch-based search engine and event-driven features of Stelace API.

It’s also an introduction to Stelace API documentation I’ve written.


Full-stack development with Node.js and AngularJS

Sharinplace was an equipment sharing marketplace I co-founded in 2015.

Open-source contributions

  • Stelace API server, front-end kits & SDK
  • Vue.js projects such as vuepress, vue-intl and quasar
  • Mozilla Firefox

More info on my Github page.